Start Here if You Need to Tackle Summer Maintenance

Monsoon season is hard on your home. The wind can wreck havoc on your house and yard while the heat can be hard on you and your home. Now that monsoon weather is here there’s a few quick maintenance projects you may want to take on.

Roof and shingles: It’s pretty common for shingles to get damaged or detach completely after a big storm. Thoroughly inspect your roof to ensure that shingles are in good condition and the roof is structurally sound. If damage was done, you’re going to want to get it fixed before the next storm hits! It may not be time to replace your roof yet, but consider how many more years it has left and start preparing a budget.

Check your gutters: The weight of debris is more than enough to make your gutters sag or loosen, add in some wind and you can create a big issue. Clear out all the leaves and other debris that’s collected in the gutters, and make sure they’re still securely attached at all points.

Check concrete surfaces: Fluctuating temperatures cause concrete to expand and contract. This can lead to damaged driveways, walkways, and other surfaces, and that can spell bad news for water drainage. Fill the cracks with an appropriate material, and seal your surfaces if possible.

HVAC service: Let’s face it Arizona summer is hard on everyone and everything, especially the air conditioner! Make sure to clean the coils and change the filter. Better yet, bring in a professional for yearly maintenance. One of the worst things is having it go out mid summer!

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