How to Add Snow to Your Holiday Decor, Even in the Desert!


It’s been awhile since I’ve been in a crafting mood, but something about the Holiday season always makes me want to do DIY projects. This year I decided that I wanted to add a little “snow” to my holiday decor. I personally used wine bottles as my vases as I always seem to have some around, but you can use any type of container that you would like!

What you Need:

-Vases or wine bottles

-White Primer

-Epsom Salt

-Glitter (if desired, I didn’t use any)

-Spray Adhesive

-Holiday Picks

First start by spraying your vase/bottle with a white primer. Be sure to do quick, light passes and slowly cover the bottles so you get a smooth surface. I let mine dry over night to be sure it was ready for the next step.

Next lay out some epsom salt on a drop cloth (I used a garbage bag) and spray the bottles with the adhesive. Then quickly roll the bottle into the salt so it sticks on and creates the snow texture. If you wanted to add glitter sprinkle it on at this point.

After that add in any type of pick that you want and you’re done! Here’s the example of my inspiration on Pinterest to see different ways you can use this same method.


Pinterest Try: Jewelry Tray

My jewelry collection has recently exploded as I found a new line of jewelry that I fell in love with, Chloe and Isabel. I was looking to several different jewelry boxes, but didn’t like how they didn’t display the jewelry. So I went to Pinterest to find a solution and found this adorable jewelry tray by Artsy Chicks Rule. The end result is supposed to look like this:


The supplies needed are: 3 plates of different sizes, 2 cups or candlesticks, primer (I used a spray version) gold spray paint (I used kyron’s gold), blue paint of whatever consistency you want (I used a matte chalky paint), a spray sealant, and super glue.

You can see what my cups and plates looked like before the project. The hardest part for me was finding cups that I liked for the middle. I stalked several Goodwills and easily found plastic plates (all under $1 a piece). I ended up having to break down and look at antique shops to find the glasses that I wanted though ($3 a piece).

 jewelry tray 7

First thing I did was spray both the cups and plates with a primer so that the paint would go on evenly and completely cover the surfaces. I primed both sides of plates but only the outside of the glasses.

jewelry tray 6

Next, I spray painted the cups (love kyron’s gold!) and painted the plates with a light blue/gray matte chalky finish paint (these pictures don’t capture the color well they’re blue not white). On the bottom of the plates I only painted the areas that I though might be able to be seen and left the middle alone. Once everything is painted I suggest spraying a sealer over your finished project to protect the paint! Just pay attention to the finish of the sealant you choose (ex if you want a matte look don’t choose a glossy sealant!)

jewelry tray 5

Next I started to assemble the tiers. I started first by attaching a glass to the bottom of the middle plate. As you can see, on the bottom plate I found the true middle and traced out where the glass was going to go. I tried hot glue first (super glue scares me), but it didn’t hold enough so super glue is the way to go on this project. Just be sure to plan out where everything goes in advanced like I did because once it’s on there it’s not moving!

And finally you have a finished project! I use mine as a jewelry tray, but this could easily be used for other purposes such as food display (make sure you seal correctly), a bathroom tray for makeup and skin care, the options are limitless! Also if you find a glass you like buy a few extra. I wished I had bought a couple more so that I could have painted them and used them to hold makeup brushes, q tips, etc in the bathroom!




Pinterest Try: Wine Cork Ball Decoration


I’ve been saving wine corks for a little over a year and have been debating 2 different cork projects. I like the look of the wine cork ball decorations and the wine cork bath mat. I was afraid of cutting the corks though so I went with the wine cork ball decoration project that I found on Pinterest. The end result is supposed to look like this:Cork ball example


The supplies needed are: corks (you will need several hundred to do 3 decorations), foam spheres, hot glue, a paint brush, and brown paint.

Supply Tips:

  • If you don’t have enough corks you can ask a local wine bar or store if they have any. You can also reach out on social media like Facebook or Nextdoor to ask.
  • Use a light brown paint instead of a dark brown like I used. The closer the color is to your corks the less you will see it.

cork 1

The first step is to paint the Styrofoam brown so that the white won’t be seen underneath. I used an acrylic paint with a foam brush. For it to dry you can make a stand out of index cards like I did or hang them somehow. Make sure it’s dry before you start to glue.

cork 2

While waiting for your paint to dry, go ahead and sort your corks. You can do this by white vs red corks or cork color and size. By sorting them it makes it easy to create whatever type of pattern you would like. I suggest not using champagne corks as their shape is too different from the others.

cork 3

Now you’re ready to start gluing! Start by gluing them around the center to create a ring.

After the center is finished you can add rows above and below carefully placing each cork.

You can choose to cover the whole sphere with corks or you can leave the bottom open like a stand as I did. With leaving an open spot in the bottom I feel like they stay put better and you can’t tell a difference in how it looks. It also uses less corks!

cork 8

After repeating the whole process 2 more times I was finally done! Each decoration does take a chunk of time as each cork has to be placed and glued individually, but it doesn’t all have to be done in one sitting. I was happy with how mine turned out (below) and look forward to adding them into my décor!

cork 10

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Pinterest Try: Holiday Shadow Box

There are Holiday crafts galore on Pinterest this year! I had a hard time narrowing down one that I wanted to take on, but finally I settled on a Holiday Shadow Box. The only problem with this is that there weren’t any directions on how to make it. The great thing about it though, is that everyone can customize it to their own décor colors. The end result is supposed to look like this:

shadow box

The supplies needed are: a shadow box, scrapbook paper (matching the size of your box), double sided glue or spray adhesive, small ornaments or bells, and a sticker or vinyl making machine like a cricut.

I first worked on the inside of the shadow box. I chose to use a 10in. x 10in. box. I would suggest if you can find one to get one more rectangular like the one in the example picture above. It will allow you to use bigger letters and have you message stand out more. First I cut the scrapbook paper (I used glitter paper) to the size of the shadow box.

shadow box 2

Once the paper is cut to the proper size go ahead and glue it with double sided tape or with spray adhesive. Then you’re ready to put your ornaments or bells inside your box. I ended up using 2 packages of two different sizes (Michael’s has great deals on these!).

shadow box 5

Then attach the back and you’re halfway there! Once it’s all closed up you can shake the around lightly to get them where you want.

shadow box 6

Now just to add your stickers or letters to finish up. If you can find a sticker set with the phase you want in the correct size that’s a great way to go, but I wasn’t able to find any that fit how I wanted. I used my mother in laws cricut vinyl cutter to cut out my letters. I wanted my “Merry” and “Bright” to stand out so I made them larger then the others. If you are going to use a cricut let me know in the comments below and I’m happy to share the letter sizes I used! While I love how you can personalize it exactly how you want, the cricut letters are tricky as you have to place each individual letter.

shadow box  8

I was over the moon happy with how my shadow box turned out! It matches my holiday décor perfectly!

shadow box 7

Pinterest Try: Scrabble Letter Coasters

So as you may have seen last month, I’m trying one Pinterest project a month and blogging about it. Last month I had success with wine bottle vases. Check it out if you haven’t already! For this month I decided to go with a project you can use in your home or as a gift as we quickly approach the holiday season, scrabble tile coasters. There are many versions of these you can find on Pinterest and Google some good and some well, not so good. Here is an example of what I hoped my end result would look like.

Homemade coasters using scrabble pieces!:

The supplies are simple enough and super cheap (I spent under $10 for this one!): scrabble tiles (you can get these at the craft store with a coupon, online, or do what I did a buy a used scrabble game at Goodwill for like $2), glue (you can use wood glue, super glue, or hot glue), 4 square cork coasters, and some type of spray sealant to protect them from water.


The first thing to consider is what 4 letter words you want to use.. I used drink themed words for mine as you can see below, but you can choose any theme you want such as home, marriage etc. Then lay the tiles out how you want them to look when they’re finished to make sure you have enough of the correct letters.

coaster 1Next you’re ready to glue your tiles to your cork. I used square coasters I found at Hobby Lobby and hot glue. While hot glue worked. I would suggest using either super glue or wood glue to get them to stick better and have less of a gap between the cork and the tiles. I also used the scrabble lid as a guide so that I got my top tiles straight. I went through and glued only one row at a time.


After they’re all glued on it’s time to carefully cut out the coaster. I used scissors for mine (if you do it this way cut VERY slowly so you have a smooth edge). But you can also use an exacto knife which might give you a cleaner cut.


Once they’re cut out you want to put them under a stack of books overnight just to make sure the glue will take and that they’ll lay flat. After that, go ahead and take them outside to seal. I used a spray sealant so that I didn’t get streaks, but if you have a paint on modge podge that would work as well. I did 3 coats just in case to make sure they were water proof.


After they’re sealed they’re ready to go! I’ve been using mine on my coffee table, but you could also wrap a bow around them to create an inexpensive fun gift. I thought about giving mine to my mother in law, but loved how they turned out so I’m keeping them for myself! See how they turned out below.


Pintrerest Try: DIY Wine Bottle Vase

So I’m the person who is constantly on Pinterest, pinning up a storm with craft and DIY projects for my home, but I very rarely try them out for fear of what my end product will look like. I’ve decided once a month I’m going to give a Pinterest home idea a try, show you guys how it goes, and how it turns out. Now let you warn you, I am NOT a craft/DIY queen in any way shape or form! My crafting experience is limited to classroom decoration and organization, so these post could turn out pretty hilarious! Bottom line is, if my end product turns out acceptable to your standards, you can do it too (and probably have yours look even better!).

For this month I decided to try a DIY wine bottle vase. The end result is supposed to look like this:

Feeling Creative? DIY Wine Bottle Craft (Step By Step Instructions) | Her Campus: The supplies are simple enough: wine bottles, twine or yarn, glue (I used tacky glue but Elmer’s would work too), anything you want to decorate the bottles with, any flowers you want, and hot glue if you have it but it’s not necessary.

wine bottle 1

The first thing to consider is if you want the labels on or off. I didn’t want even a small chance mine could be seen, so I soaked the wine bottles in warm (not hot!) water and then peeled/scrubbed them off with a sponge. Once the bottles were prepped and dry I put a line of hot glue at the top of the bottle so that the twine would stick to the top of the bottle well. Then I put tacky glue down the sides of the bottle and wrapped the twine around so that it was tight and none of the bottle could be seen.

wine bottle 2

Once all the bottles are covered with the twine or string. It’s time to decorate! I myself bought flowers, buttons, and extra twine to do my letters with, similar to the example above. As I was going along though, I realized that I liked the look of the bottle and my “flowers” without the letters. You make this project your own and use what goes with your house. I think some other materials that would look great are jewels (I love bling!), fake pearls, I love the roses, chevron fabric, or anything else that you like! Everyone’s homes are a different style, so everyone’s vases will look different to reflect that. My house tends to be on the traditional/modern side with clean lines, so plain bottles worked best even though it wasn’t my plan.

wine bottle 4

Last part is figuring out where to put your new home decoration. I picked this craft because I needed something in my bedroom on top of my husbands dresser. It was looking a little bare and now it finally has a finished look!

I think my first Pinterest project was a success! If you have any Pinterest projects you’ve tried put pictures and how it went in the comments below. I’d love to see how many of these can actually be done by the average person and not professional crafters. Also if you want to try this one and are in need of wine bottles let me know. I have a bit of a wine habit on the weekends and always have extra laying around!