Five Home Trends You’ll See in 2017

As the new year begins it’s always fun to see how interior design and home decor changes. Here are 5 trends that are predicted to be big this year.

Trendy Colors:

Greenery is Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 and I’m predicting seeing this bright, neutral green on front doors and decor for pops of cheerful color. The other color to watch for is navy, it will be the new black of 2017. It’s a classic color that can go with almost ANY color scheme.

Subway Tile:

This one isn’t a new trend but it’s cementing itself into a whole generation of homes and it will be in style for many years to come. It’s a classic choice in kitchens and bathrooms that is affordable, timeless, and will match any home style. If you’re looking to add subway tile in your home consider using a darker grout color. It will change up the look, make the tile more durable, and will be less likely to show dirt (win, win, win!).

Cerused Wood:

Cerused finished wood or faux wood highlights and brings out a unique grain look. This has been popular in high end design for a few years, but is predicted to be seen more mainstream this year. I’ve started seeing it more and more in flooring and furniture, but predict to start seeing it in kitchen and bathroom cabinetry this year.

Matte Finishes:

Stainless steel and bright chrome are becoming less and less popular and people are being drawn towards matte finishes for their warmth and elegance. This is a trend that started with black stainless steel high end appliances last year, but has continued to grow and have more options available. Other matte finishes being shown at home shows are black matte kitchen/bathroom fixtures and even “suede” matte quartz counters.

Anything Marble:

Marble “like” counters for kitchens and bathrooms have been gaining popularity for years. This year marble is going to break that mold though and expand into other areas such as wallpaper, home decor and accessories, and flooring.


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