New Year, New Resolutions

Everyone always seems to have general New Years resolutions that they make at the beginning of each year. They plan to go to the gym more, eat healthier etc. My husband and I look at resolutions a little different and view them more as goals and changes we want to make in all aspects of life.

We sit down together and come up with our resolutions/goals together, as well as plans to reach them. We also try to make a financial, personal growth, business, health and education resolution each year. We keep it all in a notebook and keep notes on our progress throughout the year. It’s good to look at once a month (at least) to make sure you’re on track. And by writing them together you have someone to keep you to your plan. We have yet to have a resolution/goal that we haven’t met!

As we were talking this year we found that being more present in our community was something that both of us wanted to work towards this year. We love our neighborhood as well as Gilbert and want to become more involved. I wanted to share our resolutions this year, and by doing so you guys can also help keep me accountable!

Personal Resolutions:

-For me to become a youth mentor (I used to be a teacher and really miss my connection with my students!)

-To become more involved in my HOA (We plan to go to monthly meetings and I’ve joined our neighborhood social committee)

-To attend Gilbert Chamber of Commerce Meetings to be more aware of the changes in our city

Financial Resolutions:

-We came up with a realistic amount we would like to have in our savings at the end of 2017 (make sure to make it realistic but also challenging!)

Business Goals:

-To close more transactions in 2017 than I have previously in a year in order to continue to grow my business and client base

-To continue to give excellent customer service, superior communication and real estate education to my clients

Education Goals:

-To read at least a book a month

-To find classes/workshops in both real estate (marketing specifically) and personal interests to learn and grow as a person (I’ve already taken 2 classes to learn how to switch from a PC to my new MacBook!)

Health Goals:

-To weight train together for at least 6 months a minimum of twice a week

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