How to Add Snow to Your Holiday Decor, Even in the Desert!


It’s been awhile since I’ve been in a crafting mood, but something about the Holiday season always makes me want to do DIY projects. This year I decided that I wanted to add a little “snow” to my holiday decor. I personally used wine bottles as my vases as I always seem to have some around, but you can use any type of container that you would like!

What you Need:

-Vases or wine bottles

-White Primer

-Epsom Salt

-Glitter (if desired, I didn’t use any)

-Spray Adhesive

-Holiday Picks

First start by spraying your vase/bottle with a white primer. Be sure to do quick, light passes and slowly cover the bottles so you get a smooth surface. I let mine dry over night to be sure it was ready for the next step.

Next lay out some epsom salt on a drop cloth (I used a garbage bag) and spray the bottles with the adhesive. Then quickly roll the bottle into the salt so it sticks on and creates the snow texture. If you wanted to add glitter sprinkle it on at this point.

After that add in any type of pick that you want and you’re done! Here’s the example of my inspiration on Pinterest to see different ways you can use this same method.



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