Easy Designer Tricks I Love Right Now

Right now my house is SURROUNDED by new builds, so of course that means that I have to go look through them all for “work”! I love new builds as they have such amazing new design ideas that I would never think of on my own. As I’ve been going through several with different builders etc, I saw some trends that I just had to share! These are all small things that could easily be done in your own home on a very small budget. I’ll post some larger projects soon too!

Bold Paint Designs for an Accent Wall: It’s amazing how having a design on one wall can change the feel of the whole room! And all you need is some painters tape and paint! I’ve seen these in bold, bright colors, as well as neutrals like below. The options are endless! I personally LOVE chevron walls, but below is an example of a simple pattern anyone can do. This one really wows if you have tall ceilings! By keeping simple colors like below you also probably won’t have to paint if you change the room or sell down the line!


Kitchen Backsplashes up to the Ceiling:  I first saw this at my friend Jeanine’s house and thought it was brilliant. Why limit yourself to just a small area when you can really make a statement? My only suggestion is to make sure you LOVE the backsplash you choose and to keep it more simple so it won’t get overwhelming on the whole wall. I also really like how this one mixes glass with metallic. Having a vertical pattern like this one also gives the room a very tall and elegant feel!


Barn Doors: Open floorplans are big right now, but sometimes once you move in you realize a little bit of separation would be nice. Barn doors are a great way to do this as you can have them open or close the area off, while also adding style. I’ve also seen these as awesome closet doors. There are DIY kits for these, or professional installation by a handyman isn’t too expensive especially if you buy the materials on your own and have them just install it for you.


Bedside Chandeliers: I have always LOVED chandeliers in bedrooms, but am also a very practical person. Living in the Arizona heat I live for my ceiling fan! This is a way that I can have the best of both worlds! Get rid of your bedside lamps and add chandeliers instead. It also frees up room on your bedside table and has a more finished touch. I also love the pattern mixing and textured bedside tables in this room!


Dress Up Your Ceiling: I can see this being an easy DIY weekend project! If you have an open floor plan house you can use something like this to define an area, while still having it open. This is just above a dining table in an eat in kitchen so that the dining area is now it’s own space. I’ve also seen people do something similar to this to cover popcorn ceilings rather then pay to have them taken out by professionals.


Painted Doors and Trim: Last week was the first time I saw this in a house and I’m getting mixed reviews from people I’m showing. Keep the walls a simple lighter color, but add your pop of darker color with the doors and baseboards throughout the house. I think this really speaks to me as I live in a smaller home and have to be very careful with darker colors as they can make my rooms look tiny. By doing this I can get the color I want in an elegant way. Also notice the patterned carpet? Totally a must right now!

IMG_4058 (1)

Hope you guys got an idea or two you liked from this! I’m looking to do more home style posts in the future. What rooms do you guys want inspiration for?

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