Pinterest Try: Jewelry Tray

My jewelry collection has recently exploded as I found a new line of jewelry that I fell in love with, Chloe and Isabel. I was looking to several different jewelry boxes, but didn’t like how they didn’t display the jewelry. So I went to Pinterest to find a solution and found this adorable jewelry tray by Artsy Chicks Rule. The end result is supposed to look like this:


The supplies needed are: 3 plates of different sizes, 2 cups or candlesticks, primer (I used a spray version) gold spray paint (I used kyron’s gold), blue paint of whatever consistency you want (I used a matte chalky paint), a spray sealant, and super glue.

You can see what my cups and plates looked like before the project. The hardest part for me was finding cups that I liked for the middle. I stalked several Goodwills and easily found plastic plates (all under $1 a piece). I ended up having to break down and look at antique shops to find the glasses that I wanted though ($3 a piece).

 jewelry tray 7

First thing I did was spray both the cups and plates with a primer so that the paint would go on evenly and completely cover the surfaces. I primed both sides of plates but only the outside of the glasses.

jewelry tray 6

Next, I spray painted the cups (love kyron’s gold!) and painted the plates with a light blue/gray matte chalky finish paint (these pictures don’t capture the color well they’re blue not white). On the bottom of the plates I only painted the areas that I though might be able to be seen and left the middle alone. Once everything is painted I suggest spraying a sealer over your finished project to protect the paint! Just pay attention to the finish of the sealant you choose (ex if you want a matte look don’t choose a glossy sealant!)

jewelry tray 5

Next I started to assemble the tiers. I started first by attaching a glass to the bottom of the middle plate. As you can see, on the bottom plate I found the true middle and traced out where the glass was going to go. I tried hot glue first (super glue scares me), but it didn’t hold enough so super glue is the way to go on this project. Just be sure to plan out where everything goes in advanced like I did because once it’s on there it’s not moving!

And finally you have a finished project! I use mine as a jewelry tray, but this could easily be used for other purposes such as food display (make sure you seal correctly), a bathroom tray for makeup and skin care, the options are limitless! Also if you find a glass you like buy a few extra. I wished I had bought a couple more so that I could have painted them and used them to hold makeup brushes, q tips, etc in the bathroom!





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