Five Cool Tech Ideas For Your Home

Looking for some cool upgrades for your home? Here are a few suggestions for tech devices that would make an awesome addition to your place.

1. Laser Robot Vaccuum: This awesome little robot by Neato Robotics does the dirty work for you. Not only will it clean the house after you go to sleep, but it has a special laser that maps the home. This little guy knows where it’s been and where it hasn’t, and when it’s done it drives itself back in the closet! Can cleaning get any easier?

2. Water Leak and Mold Sensors: These sensors, like the Wally sensor, use your house’s copper wiring to send you alerts about leaks as well as important trends in humidity and temperature levels so you can pin point any conditions that could cause mold. A great way to find a problem before it becomes a major headache (or lung ache)!

3. Thermal Imaging Gun: High energy bills taking their toll? Try the Black and Decker thermal leak detector. With this little device you can check your home for energy leaks. The infrared thermometer will detect leaks and let you know where the hot and cold spots are. Great way to prepare now for our AZ summers and save some money on the AC!

4. Sun Tunnel: Looking to add natural light but a sky light may not be viable? Try the Velux Sun Tunnel. This cool flexible tube can find its way around obstructions and deliver a perfect amount of light into your room. I’ve seen several of these sun tunnels in listings lately and buyer’s love them! Because really who doesn’t like more natural light?

5. Wireless Can Light Speaker: The Klipsch LightSpeaker system gives you the best of both worlds. This wireless speaker screws right into your can lighting. It even comes with an efficient LED light. Technology that multitasks just like I do? Yes please!


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