Pinterest Try: Wine Cork Ball Decoration


I’ve been saving wine corks for a little over a year and have been debating 2 different cork projects. I like the look of the wine cork ball decorations and the wine cork bath mat. I was afraid of cutting the corks though so I went with the wine cork ball decoration project that I found on Pinterest. The end result is supposed to look like this:Cork ball example


The supplies needed are: corks (you will need several hundred to do 3 decorations), foam spheres, hot glue, a paint brush, and brown paint.

Supply Tips:

  • If you don’t have enough corks you can ask a local wine bar or store if they have any. You can also reach out on social media like Facebook or Nextdoor to ask.
  • Use a light brown paint instead of a dark brown like I used. The closer the color is to your corks the less you will see it.

cork 1

The first step is to paint the Styrofoam brown so that the white won’t be seen underneath. I used an acrylic paint with a foam brush. For it to dry you can make a stand out of index cards like I did or hang them somehow. Make sure it’s dry before you start to glue.

cork 2

While waiting for your paint to dry, go ahead and sort your corks. You can do this by white vs red corks or cork color and size. By sorting them it makes it easy to create whatever type of pattern you would like. I suggest not using champagne corks as their shape is too different from the others.

cork 3

Now you’re ready to start gluing! Start by gluing them around the center to create a ring.

After the center is finished you can add rows above and below carefully placing each cork.

You can choose to cover the whole sphere with corks or you can leave the bottom open like a stand as I did. With leaving an open spot in the bottom I feel like they stay put better and you can’t tell a difference in how it looks. It also uses less corks!

cork 8

After repeating the whole process 2 more times I was finally done! Each decoration does take a chunk of time as each cork has to be placed and glued individually, but it doesn’t all have to be done in one sitting. I was happy with how mine turned out (below) and look forward to adding them into my décor!

cork 10

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