When Was the Last Time You Drained Your Water Heater?

Many of us are guilty of deferred home maintenance, I know I am! Deferred maintenance is just things we put off because we don’t have the money, the time, or we just don’t realize it needs to be done. Flushing your water heater for me went under the I didn’t know it needed to be done category. Your water heater is supposed to be flushed at least once a year (although most people don’t know this). If you live in a place with hard water like me, you’ll want to do this maybe quarterly.

water heater sedimentAbove is a picture of the sediment that can build up if you don’t flush you hot water heater. Gross right? Having this sediment can not only damage your hot water heater and cause it to make sounds, it can also decrease the efficiency and cost you more money.

So what’s the good news? Flushing your hot water heater is SUPEP SIMPLE! I recently flushed my gas hot water heater and took pictures to show you how it works.

First, attach the hose and place the end of the hose somewhere the water will be able to drain out easily.

water heater 1

Next, be sure to turn your thermostat to vacation mode and dial by your striker to off.

Then, turn off your gas and water supplies.

And finally you’re ready to drain! To open the water way use a screw driver to allow the water to start flowing.

water heater 6

Once the water stops flowing out (or if it’s clean) use the screw driver to close the water supply and you’re done! Follow the directions on your water heater to turn it back on or re light your pilot if it’s a gas hot water heater.

Here’s a great YouTube Video to follow as well How to Drain a Hot Water Heater ! Happy draining and remember this should be done AT LEAST once a year!

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