Inexpensive House Update: Install LED Lighting

The past couple months I’ve seen a big trend towards LED lighting, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. I’ve seen it in the homes I show, as well as in new build model homes. It started as simple under cabinet lighting, but has morphed into something completely different. As long as it’s done correctly it can really add to a room by creating balanced layers of light. Here are some examples of how it can be used:

under cabinet lightingUnder Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting has been a popular form of accent lighting for some time. I myself added some in my kitchen when I had my backsplash installed 3 years ago. It can be helpful when working in the kitchen, but also adds a nice aesthetic and helps to feature a backsplash. I’ve seen it lately on both the cabinets and underneath the kitchen island often on separate light switches so that you can change up your kitchen lighting.

over cabinet lightingOverhead Cabinet Lighting

Above or overhead cabinet lighting came shortly after below cabinet accent lighting. It’s often used to add a layer of light to a room (mostly kitchens), or to accent décor that is on top of the kitchen cabinets.

toe kick

Toe Kicks

Toe kick lighting is found underneath the bottom cabinets often in kitchen and bathrooms. It helps to brig a balance to light by creating a layer of light near the floor. They’re often left on at night as “nightlights” so that a clear path is visible.

cabinet lightingCabinet Lighting

Cabinet lighting is found inside cabinets with glass panels, in dark cabinets where it’s hard to see things, or inside hutches. It really helps when you have certain items that you would like to display, or when you need a little extra light to be able to see inside of a cabinet.

And Much More

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