Pinterest Try: Scrabble Letter Coasters

So as you may have seen last month, I’m trying one Pinterest project a month and blogging about it. Last month I had success with wine bottle vases. Check it out if you haven’t already! For this month I decided to go with a project you can use in your home or as a gift as we quickly approach the holiday season, scrabble tile coasters. There are many versions of these you can find on Pinterest and Google some good and some well, not so good. Here is an example of what I hoped my end result would look like.

Homemade coasters using scrabble pieces!:

The supplies are simple enough and super cheap (I spent under $10 for this one!): scrabble tiles (you can get these at the craft store with a coupon, online, or do what I did a buy a used scrabble game at Goodwill for like $2), glue (you can use wood glue, super glue, or hot glue), 4 square cork coasters, and some type of spray sealant to protect them from water.


The first thing to consider is what 4 letter words you want to use.. I used drink themed words for mine as you can see below, but you can choose any theme you want such as home, marriage etc. Then lay the tiles out how you want them to look when they’re finished to make sure you have enough of the correct letters.

coaster 1Next you’re ready to glue your tiles to your cork. I used square coasters I found at Hobby Lobby and hot glue. While hot glue worked. I would suggest using either super glue or wood glue to get them to stick better and have less of a gap between the cork and the tiles. I also used the scrabble lid as a guide so that I got my top tiles straight. I went through and glued only one row at a time.


After they’re all glued on it’s time to carefully cut out the coaster. I used scissors for mine (if you do it this way cut VERY slowly so you have a smooth edge). But you can also use an exacto knife which might give you a cleaner cut.


Once they’re cut out you want to put them under a stack of books overnight just to make sure the glue will take and that they’ll lay flat. After that, go ahead and take them outside to seal. I used a spray sealant so that I didn’t get streaks, but if you have a paint on modge podge that would work as well. I did 3 coats just in case to make sure they were water proof.


After they’re sealed they’re ready to go! I’ve been using mine on my coffee table, but you could also wrap a bow around them to create an inexpensive fun gift. I thought about giving mine to my mother in law, but loved how they turned out so I’m keeping them for myself! See how they turned out below.



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