SAAR Fall 2015 Paint-A-Thon

I had an AMZING experience this past weekend that I just had to share! I got together with other members of the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors (Realtors and Affiliates) to help a member of our community that was in need. Twice a year the Community Outreach and Awareness Committee puts on a paint-a-thon to benefit a family in need. This was my first experience with the paint-a-thon and I enjoyed it so much I’m already looking forward to the one next spring! We all got together to prep and paint the house, as well as get their yard in order. We were able to meet this amazing family we were helping, which really helped to make us all that much more dedicated to helping them! During the experience I got to meet some amazing people with hearts of gold! It really goes to show there are many Realtors out there who care! Check out these amazing before and after pictures!

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