Storage Solution: An Alternative to a Chest of Drawers

When my husband moved in with me 4 years ago he came along with his own chest of drawers (totally not a piece of furniture I would pick out!) We have a relatively small master bedroom that also has almost a whole wall of windows, so space for furniture is very limited. Once we moved his chest of drawers into the bedroom, we knew instantly that it didn’t look right! There was too much solid wood in a small area and too much space being taken up by large pieces of furniture. I turned to a interior design friend of my mom’s and she had a great solution. Take out the chest of drawers and replace it with a cube storage unit. It was a brilliant idea that I never would have thought of on my own! We solved the problems of having too much solid wood in a small space, got to pick fun textures for the cube drawers, cut the depth of the dresser by more then half for more floor space, and also had more options of decorating the space. An extra plus is that the clothes also end up inside of the cubes rather than on top of the chest!



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