Pintrerest Try: DIY Wine Bottle Vase

So I’m the person who is constantly on Pinterest, pinning up a storm with craft and DIY projects for my home, but I very rarely try them out for fear of what my end product will look like. I’ve decided once a month I’m going to give a Pinterest home idea a try, show you guys how it goes, and how it turns out. Now let you warn you, I am NOT a craft/DIY queen in any way shape or form! My crafting experience is limited to classroom decoration and organization, so these post could turn out pretty hilarious! Bottom line is, if my end product turns out acceptable to your standards, you can do it too (and probably have yours look even better!).

For this month I decided to try a DIY wine bottle vase. The end result is supposed to look like this:

Feeling Creative? DIY Wine Bottle Craft (Step By Step Instructions) | Her Campus: The supplies are simple enough: wine bottles, twine or yarn, glue (I used tacky glue but Elmer’s would work too), anything you want to decorate the bottles with, any flowers you want, and hot glue if you have it but it’s not necessary.

wine bottle 1

The first thing to consider is if you want the labels on or off. I didn’t want even a small chance mine could be seen, so I soaked the wine bottles in warm (not hot!) water and then peeled/scrubbed them off with a sponge. Once the bottles were prepped and dry I put a line of hot glue at the top of the bottle so that the twine would stick to the top of the bottle well. Then I put tacky glue down the sides of the bottle and wrapped the twine around so that it was tight and none of the bottle could be seen.

wine bottle 2

Once all the bottles are covered with the twine or string. It’s time to decorate! I myself bought flowers, buttons, and extra twine to do my letters with, similar to the example above. As I was going along though, I realized that I liked the look of the bottle and my “flowers” without the letters. You make this project your own and use what goes with your house. I think some other materials that would look great are jewels (I love bling!), fake pearls, I love the roses, chevron fabric, or anything else that you like! Everyone’s homes are a different style, so everyone’s vases will look different to reflect that. My house tends to be on the traditional/modern side with clean lines, so plain bottles worked best even though it wasn’t my plan.

wine bottle 4

Last part is figuring out where to put your new home decoration. I picked this craft because I needed something in my bedroom on top of my husbands dresser. It was looking a little bare and now it finally has a finished look!

I think my first Pinterest project was a success! If you have any Pinterest projects you’ve tried put pictures and how it went in the comments below. I’d love to see how many of these can actually be done by the average person and not professional crafters. Also if you want to try this one and are in need of wine bottles let me know. I have a bit of a wine habit on the weekends and always have extra laying around!


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