A Trend Here to Stay: Backyard Farming


Backyard farming, at all levels, is gaining popularity quickly. There’s an increasing number of people who are growing concerned with the foods we put in out bodies and how that food is grown. There are even entire neighborhoods like Agritopia in Gilbert, Arizona that are based around the community coming together to grow healthy, organic foods. (If you haven’t been to Agritopia be sure to check it out on a Wednesday night so you can also experience their farmers’ market, live music, and food trucks!). While I know people who have gone all out with this concept (large gardens, goats, chickens, bees, etc.), it can be something easy to incorporate into your yard on a small scale first to see if it fits your lifestyle and your HOA guidelines!

The best place I feel to start is with a raised bed garden of any type or size. A raised bed garden gives you an opportunity to create nutrient rich soil and grow/sustain your own small garden. While it does take some work to get it going and keep it up, fresh produce that you grow yourself makes it all worthwhile! Ready to give it a try? You can make your own (tons of ideas on pinterest!), buy a kit, or buy one already premade. Here are a few ideas:

Gronomics Elevated Garden BedThis is a Grownomics Elevated Garden Bed. They can be purchased at Target.com. They have many different sizes and styles to choose from.

This is a Greenes Cedar Raised Garden Bed that can be purchased at Home Depot. This brand offers smaller sizes as well as larger sizes and even multiple tiers depending on what you’re ready to take on.

Glowpear Urban GardenThis is a GlowPear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter that can be purchased at Costco. It offers high performance growth with a lower amount of maintenance along with a modern style (this is so going on my Christmas list!).
If you have your own garden or farm in your backyard take a picture and share it in the comments!

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